New Hampshire gets the third highest average snowfall of any state in the country and monthly low temperatures can average around 14 degrees. So the sooner you can get your car winterized, the better you can handle whatever the weather sends your way. At Merrimack Street Volvo Cars in Manchester NH, we've seen many New Hampshire winters and the experts in our service center know how to get your vehicle properly fortified.

Wintertime checkup #1: Let us check your battery

Your battery powers all the electrical systems in your car, including the system that gets your car started in the first place. It's not an easy job any time of the year but it gets a lot harder in the wintertime around communities like Bedford and Derry NH. To make sure your battery has enough cold cranking amps, we can run a load test to check your power levels. if you need a new battery, we have great ones in stock and can install one for you.

Wintertime checkup #2: Let us check your brakes

Have you noticed your brakes squeaking when you step on the brake pedal? That means your brake pads are probably wearing out. If you hear a grinding sound, that could be more problematic and you should see us as soon as possible. If we can replace your brake pads early enough, we can help you avoid having to also replace your more expensive rotors. Good brakes are an absolute must in the winter time.

Wintertime checkup #3: Let us check your tires

One of the best reasons to make the short 18-minute drive from Londonderry to Manchester on I-93 North is to have us give your tires a thorough examination. One of our expert technicians will take a close look at the tread depth on all four tires. If it's anything less than 4/32nds of an inch, we’ll recommend a new set of tires. We can give you some of the world's best choices including Michelin®, Pirelli®, Continental, Goodyear and Hankook.

Wintertime checkup #4: Let us do a wheel alignment

Freezing winter temperatures along with ice and snow can rough up the roads pretty badly and create potholes where you least expect them. If you run over one, your Volvo can get knocked out of alignment and your steering suddenly becomes less precise and reliable. The same kind of thing can happen if you hit a curb too hard. Ask us to do an expert wheel alignment to help get your steering back on track.

Wintertime checkup #5: Let us check your antifreeze

Antifreeze is a chemically-treated liquid that helps keep the water in your engine’s cooling system from freezing when the outside air is ice cold. It makes that happen by lowering the freezing point of the water in your radiator. As outside temperatures drop, coolant gets pumped through your engine block and helps maintain a safe, even temperature. We can make sure you have enough antifreeze and also tell you if you need a flush and refill.

Wintertime checkup #6: Let us check your windshield wipers

Since Mother Nature has a way of pouring rain, sleet and snow on your windshield in winter, your windshield wipers are a vital safety component. We can check the wiper blades and the entire assembly to make sure you’ll get maximum visibility regardless of the weather. Schedule a winter checkup soon at Merrimack Street Volvo Cars, just minutes from Merrimack in Manchester NH.

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