Whichever new Ford model you want to customize, Bowditch Ford is willing to help. Custom ordering is a process most buyers around Newport News prefer nowadays. You are guaranteed a Ford model that suits your preference through custom ordering since the process allows you to choose what will be featured on your vehicle.

You can custom order online in the comfort of your home or by visiting our dealership. This process has to involve the dealership since it is where your vehicle will be reserved when it is delivered from the manufacturer. The dealership can also deliver your Ford model to your home upon delivery.

Steps of Custom Ordering a Ford Model

You should ensure you are qualified for the process - this means you should have the required amount, whether it is from savings or a bank loan. Come up with customizations you would want on your Ford model. We advise shoppers to use the brand's website to explore more unique features. Visit our dealership to start the ordering process. Our team will be willing to help you out through the process.

Afterward, you will request an out-the-door price for your custom-ordered vehicle. You can negotiate the price and come to a suitable agreement, and also, our financing options are always open to any customer. Sign the paper works and make copies. There is a vital buyer's order paper among the signed documents that you should make sure you have signed, and if not, your agreed price is not locked in. The final step is to pay the reservation fee and wait for your delivery for approximately eight to twelve weeks.

Benefits of Custom Ordering a Ford Vehicle

The custom order process allows you to be in charge because you will decide what to be done on your Ford model. In other words, you get exactly what you desire in your vehicle. You will also access exclusive packages that come with unique styling elements.

Custom ordering allows you to use the dealership's available incentives and lock-in pricing. You can activate them upon delivery or during the ordering time. Another benefit is that you will be the first person to test drive the vehicle since you will be the first to be notified when it is delivered.

You can also get a good deal out of it, considering you are not buying it straight from the dealership but from the manufacturer. Custom ordering a vehicle also helps shoppers build a good relationship between themselves, the manufacturer, and the dealership.


We have answers to the various frequently asked questions on the custom order process.

How much do I need to put down?

Whether you perform this process online or via the dealership, the only required amount is the reservation fee and the 20% of the loan's value upfront, which is what most financial advisors suggest.

How long does a custom order take?

Most custom orders take time, and the duration depends on what you listed in the customization list. However, most orders take two to three months.

Can I trade-in a vehicle?

Yes, you can. The trade-in is done during the ordering process or after the manufacturer delivers the vehicle.

Does the dealership have to be involved?

Yes, because you will require your vehicle to be reserved upon delivery. That is why many manufacturers work with dealerships.

If you have a Ford model in mind that you wish to custom order, please do not hesitate to pass by our dealership in Newport News, VA. We also provide various financing options that will benefit you during the process.